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          The platform that allow users to access blockchain technology more simple, fast and ease-of-use. OmPlatfom is a Blockchain Platform that users, Blockchain Developers, or anyone who want to issue digital asset and also allow business owners who need to adopt blockchain technology to their businesses more freely. They could create list of digital assets that could customize by themselves, and allow these assets to be used in any services easily. 

          The platform also supports any transactions in OmChain ( which is a public distributed ledger technology (DLT) that implemented as a public blockchain network. Each transaction could be verified publicly which emphasize simplicity, convenience and transparency. 

          OmChain is designed and developed to serve multiple purposes with the major feature in fast transaction and safety in global standard that users could apply the technology in many ways such as issuing a token for payment goods and services (Payment Gateway), building traceability and tracking system (Track & Trace), personal verification and validation (Authentication), etc. 

OmPlatform provides tools that help facilitate blockchain transaction in tangible and complete way. 

OM Wallet

Crypto wallet that helps you to easily access blockchain technology

  • Multiple chain support. such as BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM
  • Support special currency/token created on OmChain through Tokenization Platform
  • Easy, Fast, and Secure to use

OmExplorer is the channel to verified every transaction in OmChain as a website.​

     This allows user to verify completeness of information in particular transaction in OmChain, or related data that collect in OmChain such as transactions in each block, and digital asset information that running on OmChain network. According to Blockchain Feature, therefore, user could verify every single transaction that has occurred in the network. The interface has usability and support multiple languages. User could trace back transaction and refer to one or another, which transaction number (Tx Hash) or public address.

Tokenization Platform is the platform for issuing a digital asset (Token).​

     It is the tool that allows user to, easily, issue their own digital asset (Token), or digital coupon by themselves. They could only fill some information that is required to issuing the token. Later on, the system would automatically issue your digital asset in short period of time. There are many ways to do the tokenization such basic function, or advance function, which token from both ways could connect to OmWallet that user could simply facilitate the token, and any service extension to issue identity token, only on request.

Smart contract Platform.​

     Smart Contract Platform, it is the platform to issue smart contract, or digital transaction on blockchain. In case, each particular user needs to offer exchanging digital token to token within their own service. They could create a smart contract through the platform by their own criteria such as Royalty Token as a utility Token, etc.

OmCoin is a digital coin in OmChain which use to pay for services in OmChain​

     OmCoin is a digital coin in OmChain which is the native coin that help facilitate OmChain which use to pay for services in OmChain such as issuing digital asset through Tokenization Platform, create a smart contract through Smart Contract Platform, or transaction fee on OmChain, etc. Most importantly, OmChain has Tokenization OmCoin feature in 1-to-1 ratio with assets that processed by OmPlatform Co., Ltd. Nowadays, the asset that we occupy is certificate of deposit.

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Om Chain is a Public Distributed Ledger Technology that implemented as a public Blockchain Network which distributes data in a decentralized way. Data could be written in the Blockchain in a short period, which is an optional way to create a payment gateway that users could do any transaction within the network that does not require centralized service.

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